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4th October 2013 Quetta, Pakistan to Sukkur, Pakistan

4th October 2013 Quetta, Pakistan to Sukkur, Pakistan

We exited the city, passed from one police mobile unit to another. We skirted tented slums blanketed in the thickest smog I have ever seen…. The origin of this smog…. brick kilns. It was, I imagined, something like “The black country” Birmingham, prior to and entering the industrial age.

Take a look at this youtube video of Quetta morning traffic...... blanket of smog in the background

Leaving the city we were escorted by district Police, stopping at many, many checkpoints. Our route for the day Quetta to Sibi, Sibi to Jacobad, Jacobad to Sukkur. The road falling from Quetta to Sibi is very beautifull. Quetta is at an altitude of almost 2000 metres, even in summer it is cool. Winter must be horrific for the slum dwellers. The road follows a river gorge, it is spectacular, I looked on with envy as village people played in river pools.

Our day’s ride was pleasant enough allowed marred by an unbelievable number of escorts and checkpoints…. Sometimes we rode at 15mph and never above 45mph. Within an hour of sunset I made the decision to break away from the escorts, otherwise we would have been travelling in, and finding a hotel in the dark. The roads were great and we rode at 60-70mph. The escorts simply gave up and let us be.

We arrived in Sukkur and checked into the City Palace Guesthouse 2300PR. It was a Friday so no beer was available…… We ate takeaway pizza and retired to our rooms. We were both ill through the night. At one point in the night I heard a light knocking…. I wondered whether it was a thief checking to see if I was asleep… un-nerving. A poorly night.

Sukkur Mileometer 21178 (234 miles ridden)

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